Project Design

Project Design is a collaborative tool. Upload a file, see who uploaded it and their comments.

Time and cost effective

WorkEasy executes all the functions of Client relationship management, Project management, and sales pipeline management.

Easy to use

Easy system to implement, get organized & get to the core of your business.

Social Media integration

Manage your online brand with Google +, Mailchimp, Facebook, and Twitter

Chat Functionality

Whether your across town, across borders, or across the hall, quickly send a message without long emails or phone calls.

Unified and ubiquitous

One application that can help you manage accounts, sales, projects, opportunities, teams and emails from one mobile tool.

Don't use Gmail? No Problem! Ask about forwarding
from your private server to Gmail!


Easy Signup and Login with Google Accounts

Have an account on Google or Google apps? Then just click on the proper button to allow access of WorkEasy on your Google or Google apps account. You will be taken straight to the dashboard once you allow the access. Don't have an account on Google or Google apps? Just fill out the registration form and you are ready to start.


Dashboard features give you an up to the minute glance at your day. The Dashboard lists emails, calendar, projects, and available team members. More importantly, it's the central hub of this tool to drive efficiency.

Sales Client Relationship Management (Sales CRM)

You can access Sales CRM, HCM, Project Design and Accounting from the top menu. The power to use these state of the art solutions has differentiated WorkEasy from the competitors and made it the most robust integrated enterprise solution available in the market. Under Sales CRM, you can build a list of opportunities, add and manage quotes, create and maintain sales invoice and integrate third-party apps like Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey and social media profiles including Facebook page, Twitter and Google+

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Managing your team and access level at it's most simplistic level. Manage team/employee information as well as what tabs they should have access to.

Our Subscription Packages

Annual Package

$75.00 Non Profit

$95.00 Small Business

$160.00 Mid-Size

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$7.00Non Profit

$9.00Small Business


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Workdays provides full support for managing projects. Create a project from an opportunity or one off and keep track of all correspondence and attachment in one portal. Project Management is the tool to keep the team together on the project.


Managing tasks has never been so easy! This feature allows users to color code and prioritize tasks easily, so you never miss a task. This color coded dynamic tool allows users to assign tasks at the client contact level, account level, and even within a sales opportunity. Keep track of Tasks right on the Dashboard so no more excuses.

Account Management

You can view and edit all accounts and activities right from our tool, i.e. open invoices, create and assign tasks, view client interactions all from one tab. This color coded dynamic tool allows users to assign task from a contact, an account or even a sales opportunity. Keep track of it right on your Dashboard so no more excuses.

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